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Nyomi Hauta, RMT      Be Active Massage Therapy


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Hi, I’m Nyomi Hauta, 2,200 hour Massage Therapist, an active outdoor enthusiast and founder of Be Active Massage Therapy. I am a member in good standing with the Remedial Massage Therapist Association since 2015.

My mission is to support everyone to live an active, pain-free lifestyle.

Through massage therapy and stretching, I was able to better correct my scoliosis and posture; growing an additional inch of height in my late 20’s. Continuing to receive massage therapy made such a huge difference with my postural pain, performance and overall physical health. My transformational experience drew me to become a massage therapist and I am passionate to help other people live an optimal active life.

Don’t let pain and soreness interfere with your day. Each massage treatment plan is tailored to your specific needs and goals. Whether you are currently in training, recovering from an injury, feeling stiff or just sore from working out, I am here to make your active life a little more enjoyable.

I look forward to treating you through injury prevention, recovery and maintenance.